The main goal of the game is to move balls around to form lines of five or more balls of the same color on the board. If line is successfully formed, balls disappear and player gains score points, and is allowed to move one more ball (free round). If not, three more balls appear on the board. Game continues until the board is full.

Game features:

  • 100% Family- and Kid-safe. No ads, no in-game purchases, no personal data collection!
  • Classic and Hex boards included, light/dark themed;
  • several shape types to choose from: Classic Balls, geometric shapes, flat circles and squares;
  • the original concept of "King" and "Pretender" is carefully represented by the Pirate Captain and the Sailor Boy;
  • game state is automatically saved, allowing to auto-resume game any time later on;
  • tune game aspects to fit your preferred play style via configuration options;
  • game supports all screen sizes and resolutions;


Download 28 MB

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